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"The Butterfly Project"

March 26, 2016



"The Butterfly Project" is a wellness initiative to provide help with self-esteem, a creative outlet, overall well being, and HOPE that many women in transition need a helping hand with. The target is women who are leaving an abusive domestic situation, in recovery from substance abuse, at-risk women, and/or women leaving the sex trade. With the help of a support team, it will make it much easier for them to integrate into healthy environments, and relationships. We will be able to provide different services to encourage positive lifestyle changes, and self love. These women can benefit from having resources handy to feel accepted, loved, and worthy of happiness. 



I will be teaching the 3 hour art classes for groups who are brave enough to try something new.  As a painting instructor, I've learned that everyone has their own flair when it comes to painting, and with a little guidance and a fun atmosphere, they can create something they're proud of. The paintings will all be symbolic of their journey, like a butterfly(transforms from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly), bamboo (it can take the seed 5 yrs to cultivate in soil then reaches 10-25 feet tall), lotus (it represents purity of mind, body and spirit) etc. When they take their painting home, they can see it everyday, knowing that they learned a new skill in a few hours, and can take that knowledge with them everywhere they go. Also, they may decide to take up drawing, or writing/journaling, or another form of expression. Art is a rewarding way to be able to feel heard. Its visual, tangible, and immediate. The positive psychological effects that creating has is similar to meditation, and helps to quiet the mind. It's also fun as heck ;)


We have a fantastic dentist and staff who are on board to provide full service dental healthcare to one woman per month at no charge to her. This is an amazing and generous gift, as we all know what it costs to visit the dentist. The wonderful staff at Signature Dental will be donating their time and products to "The Butterfly Project". THANK YOU!!! Our smile is important, and when we have nice teeth, we have something else to smile about!



My good friend Krista has offered her styling expertise and talents, and is volunteering 1 day/month for free haircuts to those ladies who would like a new look. She is incredible! The aim is not only to get their hair done, it is to revive their sense of dignity and confidence. They say that a woman who changes her hair, is about to change her life. Let's do it!


**Update: We are growing!! 4 more on board!! 


I will be canvasing all of my people in the neighborhood (of Edmonton) in the next few weeks to see how we can come together to enrich the lives of someone who may not have the resources available to access these services that many of us take for granted. I am looking for volunteer massage therapists, counselling, yoga classes, gift certificates for groceries, school supplies, baby needs, more stylists, beauty supplies, education counsellors, financial counselling, clothing, and whatever else you may be able to provide. If you know of anyone who would be able to contribute their services or products, please send them my way. You can email the address below or send me a message on Facebook.




Jenn Kovachik

























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