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September 28, 2014


Hello, and welcome! This is my very first blog post. Ever. I know I'm a bit late on the blogging bandwagon, but I'm here and I plan on sticking around. I recently spoke with an incredible artist, Owen Garratt ( who encouraged me to start a blog to help my viewers get to know the artist behind the art, so here it goes...


My name is Jenn Kovachik. I am originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and moved with my mother to Edmonton, Alberta maaaany many years ago. This is where I still reside with my daughter, Jayda.


I grew up in a pivotal era where music was a big influence in my life.  The 80s brought a very ecclectic mix of new sounds that I was drawn to. In particular, hip hop, funk, soul, and R&B stood out for me. My mother had a number of records, tapes and 8 tracks (yes, I'm that old) that was the soundtrack to my early life. Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney & Wings, Barry White, Chaka Khan, and Pink Floyd were some of the musicians that layed the framework for my musical tastes.  As I came up, my appreciation for old rock and soul evolved, and as hip hop came on the scene, the use of sampling/recycling old songs, and clever lyrical references was very appealing to my ears.



I love music. As an only child, it was usually my companion, and theme music. There have even been a few times where music saved me. Over the years, as I discovered myself more, made my way in life through trial and error, I always had background music. It's fascinating to me that our memory for song lyrics is so prevalent, and we can pinpoint different events of our lives, relationships, joys and pains through a song. Music is that powerful. 

With that being said, it has been my mission to express my love and appreciation through art. There are around a hundred more musicians I would like to pay homage to, and probably will when time permits.


Creative work...I have always been a creative. My childhood drawings were usually more detailed than my school mates, and art was always my favorite class. I did a handful of portraits at age 17, and abruptly stopped drawing due to life events that distracted me from my new hobby. I didn't pick it up again untill I was 28. 


I went to a spiritual advisor who instructed me to remove my thumb ring that was blocking my creative chakra. As odd as it sounds, I did, and began drawing again that week. My first portrait was of singer/poet Jill Scott, who I was listening to heavily around that time. The finished product had a slight resemblance to the songstress, almost cartoon-like, but I was so impressed with my ability to capture her likeness, that I did another one. Sade was up next, then Erykah Badu, and then another, and another. I realized that the process of transferring what I see onto paper was incredibly cathartic, and the more I did it, the better they were. Crazy, right? Thats the thing about practice. Through mistakes, the improvements, and adjustments come naturally. 


After a series of drawings, I took a beginners drawing class taught by Frank Haddock (who is the best teacher I've ever had) I was now equipped with some new techniques and skills, which helped set my art brain on fire! The next step was to learn how to paint. I took an oil painting class for a month, and did a mediocre still life in oil. I knew from experience that this too, will get better with practice. A couple of months later, I did my first painted portrait of emcee extraordinaire Talib Kweli with a very basic color palette. Using only primary colours, Red, Yellow, Blue, I was able to paint something I was proud of. He performed in Edmonton, and the promoters had the painting set up backstage for him to see. I was escorted backstage to meet him, and there was a number of people buzzing around talking about my art, "You did this? Daaamn!!" He graciously signed the painting, and gave me excellent advice regarding my art. It was awesome, and I knew then that making art will bring unique experiences into my life. That was 2007. Can't stop. Won't stop. 

I paint more than I draw these days, and really enjoy creating art of just about anything. From landscapes, to ocean life, babies to the elderly. My love for humankind translates well onto canvas, and for that I am proud.

In the last 7 years, I have learned so much about art, the business world, and mostly what I am made of, however, I couldn't have made it this far without the support, encouragement, love, feedback, critiques, advice, and inspiration from my family, friends, life teachers, collectors, art community, and YOU!! Thank you for being in my corner. And thanks for visiting! Hope to connect with you all in the near future.





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